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  • Elementor or other page builder does not load

    Page builder plugins like Elementor, Divi, Avada's Fusion Builder or others can be quite resource-intensive. You may find that after activating WP Rocket, your page builder stops loading when you go

  • How to use WP Rocket with Bedrock WordPress Boilerplate

    Heads Up! This tutorial is very specific and dedicated to experienced developers. If you are not familiar with Bedrock it's because you are not using it. In this case, you can safely skip reading

  • Site Health Check

    This article contains information about common WordPress Site Health checks, how WP Rocket can help, and how it's related to some of them. WP_CACHE is set to false The WP_CACHE is a WordPress native

  • How many sites is my license key valid for?

    Currently there are 3 different license plans available for WP Rocket: Single: 1 site Plus: 3 sites Infinite: unlimited sites Definition of “1 site” The term of “1 site” translates into the top level

  • Does WP Rocket support fragment caching?

    Unfortunately, WP Rocket doesn't support fragment caching. The partial caching of elements on a page is an entirely different technology than what WP Rocket currently does. WP Rocket caches a fully

  • Interaction to Next Paint

    The Interaction to Next Paint (INP) is a Core Web Vital metric that replaced First Input Delay (FID). Overview of Interaction to Next Paint The INP represents the responsiveness of a page, measured

  • Nonces and Cache Lifespan

    Nonces are security tokens in WordPress. They get printed into the HTML source code. Nonces can only be used once (hence “n once”), and they are only valid for a certain length of time: 12 hours by

  • Delay JavaScript execution

    Still seeing the Reduce unused JavaScript audit in PageSpeed? You may be excluding too many scripts from being delayed, please consider reducing the exclusions to prioritize performance as per this.

  • Avoid enormous network payloads

    This should be considered as a high priority optimization. It can have a significant impact on the overall performance, especially when the potential KB savings are high. One of the factors that has

  • Getting started with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket integrates more than 80% of web performance good practices automatically. Even without any of its options activated, the loading time of your website will decrease significantly. You’ve

  • Exclude pages from the cache and optimizations

    Note that WP Rocket automatically excludes cart and checkout pages for certain ecommerce plugins. Read more about that here. How to exclude individual pages Directly in page settings Heads up! By

  • Configuration for HTTP/2

    If your site runs on HTTP/2, here are the things you should consider for WP Rocket. Not sure if your site uses HTTP/2? Check with this simple tool: ⚡️ HTTP/2 test by KeyCDN To combine, or not to

  • How to fix the “jQuery is not defined” error

    Something has broken on your site, you’ve checked your browser console for errors and found the following error: jQuery is not defined The error means that jQuery is required by another script, but

  • What exactly does WP Rocket do?

    This article shows all the features included in WP Rocket has to optimize a WordPress website. Note: WP Rocket can adjust the settings when certain plugins, themes, and hosting environments are

  • When does WP Rocket delete which files?

    Below you'll find the specific triggers which cause the contents of each of WP Rocket's folders to be deleted. /cache/wp-rocket/ When WP Rocket settings are changed: That is, when

  • My site is broken

    Sometimes when you start tinkering with WP Rocket’s settings, you may notice missing images or other display issues on your site. Don't worry, these problems are not permanent! Did you know? Most

  • PageSpeed shows error instead of grade

    In rare cases, the PageSpeed report can fail, and it will show a red exclamation mark instead of a grade. The PageSpeed report will look as shown in the below image: If this error is persistent, that

  • Subpages are not cached

    If the $_GET super global variable is customized for some reason, this might result in WP Rocket not caching and optimizing pages. This can happen in some server environments, like NGINX (if

  • Google PageSpeed grade does not improve

    In most cases, WP Rocket will improve your PageSpeed grade. The extent to which it improves depends on the baseline performance of your site: the hosting, plugins you’re using, content you’ve added,

  • LazyLoad for images

    LazyLoad delays the loading of images on your website until the user scrolls down the page and actually needs to see them. LazyLoad addresses the Google PageSpeed recommendation to Defer offscreen

  • WP Rocket rules in the .htaccess file

    Upon activation, WP Rocket will automatically add some rules to the .htaccess file. The different blocks and rules are WP Rocket's instructions to apply browser caching, GZIP compression, redirect

  • Keep request counts low and transfer sizes small

    This Diagnostic audit doesn’t directly affect the website score on PageSpeed, as all the Diagnostics audits, but taking care of these aspects may improve other Performance metrics. A “request” refers

  • Avoid chaining critical requests

    What is a critical request chain? A critical request chain is a sequence of requests that depend on each other, and are essential for page rendering. It is determined by the Critical Rendering Path,

  • How to cancel RocketCDN subscription?

    What do you need ? Deactivate temporary to troubleshoot RocketCDN Cancel my RocketCDN subscription Deactivate temporary to troubleshoot RocketCDN If you notice something wrong with RocketCDN and need

  • How can I get a refund?

    You can use the automatic refund option on the Billing page by clicking on the Get refunded option as shown below: A form will pop up and: You can choose to be directly refunded by following the

  • Lazy load third-party resources with facades

    Third-party resources are often used on websites to display videos or embed social media on the site. It is common to load these resources as soon as the website loads, but loading them in this way

  • Handling external resources

    This article was built as a guide on how the external content affects the performance of a site, and how site owners can handle them. The problem with external content Every website contains images,

  • ?nowprocket=1 appears in the site’s analytics

    The Delay JavaScript execution feature isn’t compatible with Internet Explorer 11. If the Delay JavaScript execution feature is active, users of Internet Explorer 11 will be automatically redirected

  • Excluding external JavaScript from combine

    Sometimes there can be an issue with external JavaScript files and minification/ concatenation. These 3rd party JavaScript files are also included in the combined file when enabling Combine

  • Configuration for large websites

    If you have a big website with thousands of pages, delivering a cached and optimized site presents some challenges. In this doc, we will cover some useful techniques you can apply when caching a

  • Add missing image dimensions

    This feature is available in the Media tab. How does this option help? When a browser is displaying a web page, it loads the HTML first and waits for the images to be downloaded. If the width and

  • Image elements do not have explicit width and height

    According to PageSpeed setting an explicit width and height on image elements can reduce layout shifts and improve Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) How WP Rocket can help? Our feature Add Missing Image

  • Preconnect to required origins

    You should use “preconnect” or “dns-prefetch” hints to establish required connections to external origins as soon as possible. This means, you’re letting your browser know that your website is going

  • Google Analytics not detected

    If you have enabled the Delay JavaScript Execution option in WP Rocket, and you use an automated tool like, Google Tag Assistant, or an automated SEO analysis tool, they may report that

  • How to use RocketCDN?

    RocketCDN is WP Rocket's custom content delivery network. It is an optional, paid subscription service. Using a CDN will help improve the loading time of your website for visitors that are far away

  • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load

    When you use a webfont, like Google Fonts or Font Awesome, those fonts don't live on your visitor's computer - they have to be downloaded over the internet and that takes time. For the second it

  • How to check for JavaScript errors on your site

    Checking for JavaScript errors on your site can alert you to any issue with a JavaScript optimization, and help you troubleshoot problems. You can check for these errors using a tool built in to your

  • Issues with Google Search Console

    Google's Search Console may throw negative results in some cases. This article will guide you if you have this type of issues. Common issues Some common issues that can appear in your Performance and

  • Cumulative Layout Shift

    Wondering what Cumulative Layout Shift means and what's the impact on your UX and SEO performance? Check our Core Web Vitals Hub! You’ll find out what CLS is, how you can test it, and what factors

  • Cloudflare - How to fix Critical CSS generation errors

    This article contains information related to the known issues caused by Cloudflare's security options that affect the Load CSS Asynchronously feature when trying to generate the Critical Path CSS.

  • Load JavaScript deferred

    Still seeing the Eliminate render-blocking resources audit in PageSpeed? It's possible you're excluding critical scripts from getting deferred, please consider reducing the exclusions to prioritize

  • FOUT - Flash of Unstyled Text

    What is FOUT? A FOUT is a Flash of Unstyled Text. When you load a website, you might notice that the text is shown using a different font for a second until the "real" font is displayed, and you

  • LazyLoad for iframes and videos

    This article covers information about the LazyLoad for iframes and videos option in the Media tab. What it does LazyLoad delays the loading of iframes on your website until the user scrolls down the

  • LazyLoad for CSS background images

    As of the 3.15 release, WP Rocket includes the LazyLoad for CSS background images feature, which is in charge of deferring the background images inserted via internal styles and CSS files. This helps

  • WP CLI interface for WP Rocket

    What is the WP Rocket CLI? It’s an extension for the WP-CLI, that allows you to: Handle common WP Rocket functions, e.g. cache clearing, preloading, etc, using the command line. Automate repetitive

  • Enable GZIP compression

    This article contains information about the GZIP compression, its definition, how WP Rocket applies it, troubleshooting and guidance for server administrators. In this Article How GZIP compression