Cloudflare - How to fix Critical CSS Errors

If you are seeing this error: " Cloudflare protection prevents the service from accessing the website", it means that our tool’s IP address is blocked by the Cloudflare firewall.

To fix this, please add these IP addresses to the allowlist in your Cloudflare account: 


In order to whitelist our Critical Path CSS tool’s IP address, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Firewall > Tools, you will be creating a new IP Access Rule.
  2. Enter the IP
  3. Select Whitelist
  4. Repeat for each IP address.

Here’s a picture of the process:
You can also choose if the rule will be applied for your other sites in Cloudflare, and you can also leave a note if you want. 

Here’s how it should look after you have added it to the allowlist:

If that doesn't help, please ask Cloudflare's support to allow access to our tool. 

More troubleshooting steps can be found here:

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