WPtouch Not Working

There are 2 versions of WPtouch:

  • WPtouch (Free)
  • WPtouch Pro

WPtouch (Free)

WP Rocket is automatically compatible with  WPTouch (Free). When it is activated, WP Rocket detects it and automatically enables both our mobile caching settings: 

WPtouch Pro

With Power Pack

WPtouch Pro has extensions available for it, including Power Pack (formerly Infinity Cache), which is a WPtouch-specific caching solution. If you have enabled this add-on, please follow the directions provided by WPtouch for configuring WP Rocket: 
Configuring cache plugins for WPtouch

Without Power Pack

If you are using WPtouch Pro without PowerPack, you can use WP Rocket's mobile caching - you must activate both our mobile caching options in this case. 


WP Rocket treats tablets as desktop, not mobile. So if your WPtouch mobile theme has a tablet-specific view, you should exclude tablet devices from our caching. Please see:
Wrong Display for Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

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