How to use RocketCDN?

RocketCDN is WP Rocket's custom content delivery network. It is an optional, paid subscription service. Using a CDN will help improve the loading time of your website for visitors that are far away from where your server is located.

You can subscribe to the service directly from the CDN tab in WP Rocket:

When you subscribe to RocketCDN, we'll do the following: 

  1. Automatically create your unique CNAME - we do not offer customized CNAMEs, e.g. (please check the FAQ section below).
  2. Automatically configure optimal performance settings for assets served from the CDN:
  • Apply GZIP compression
  • Apply CORS headers for webfont compatibility
  • Set a cache-control browser cache header
  • Set canonical headers
  • Serve assets over HTTP/2

All images, JS and CSS files will automatically be served from your RocketCDN CNAME. It is not possible to use more than one CNAME with RocketCDN.

RocketCDN also provides these benefits: 

  • Unlimited bandwidth
    We reserve the right to disable your RocketCDN Url if we detect bandwidth overuse
  • All CDN files automatically served over HTTPS
  • SSL Traffic included
  • All Global PoPs (Points of Presence) included

When should I purge the CDN cache?

If you have made changes to any static files without changing the filename, e.g you've replaced an image using the same filename, you should purge the RocketCDN cache: 

Why isn't Rocket CDN available on local/staging?

RocketCDN requires a live website to work correctly so it's not available on local sites. 

The subscription is unique to your domain - so you cannot use the same RocketCDN subscription on multiple domains. Therefore RocketCDN will not be available on the staging version of your site.

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