Basic requirements for RocketCDN to work

What are the requirements to work?

  1. A valid domain name. RocketCDN won’t work on a website that is currently only an IP address.
  2. As RocketCDN is a pull CDN, your site must be publicly accessible for the assets to be pulled from your server, which means it won't work for locally hosted sites or sites blocked from the public by htaccess authentication, "maintenance mode" plugins, or similar. 
  3. The IPs in this list have to be allow listed by your server, firewall, or security plugin to be able to subscribe.
  4. All Bunny CDN previous subscriptions for your domain must be deleted.

RocketCDN: a pull CDN

This means that the assets are pulled from the origin server to the RocketCDN network. 

In RocketCDN the assets won't be pushed to the network, and it won’t take any given time before they are cached in all the CDN network servers.

Here are a few notes on how the pulling process goes: 

  • The assets need to be requested before getting cached in each RocketCDN network server. 
  • If an asset is not cached in a given RocketCDN server by the time it was requested, then the request will be taken to the origin server to pull the asset.

In this case, the first network visitor will experience a slightly slower response only for that first time:

  • Subsequent requests to that RocketCDN server will receive the previously cached asset, and the expected faster response. 
  • After a 120-days TTL (a RocketCDN standard) the assets cache will be automatically cleared from the RocketCDN cache, and they will need to be cached in the servers again, the same way as described above.
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