How to check if RocketCDN is working?

You’ve just subscribed to RocketCDN, the option is active in your CDN tab and you can see your brand new RocketCDN CNAME in the CDN CNAME field:

This is really good start but you’d like to check by yourself if your assets are well served from your RocketCDN. Let’s see how to check this !

⚠️ If the option is inactive and you can’t see any CNAME after subscribing, please refer to this doc: No subscription: How to (re)activate RocketCDN on my site

In this example, we refer specifically to using the Chrome browser.


Open your site in a Chrome private window where you're sure to be logged out of your WordPress admin.


Open Developer Tools. You do that either by right-clicking and choosing Inspect Element, or at the top of the window go to: View→Developer→Developer Tools


Click on Network tab and search for Domain column, you should see your RocketCDN CNAME serving your static assets (JS, CSS & images):
Network tab

👏🏼 Bravo! You can see now RocketCDN in action! 

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