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  • When does WP Rocket write to the .htaccess file?

    WP Rocket writes to the .htaccess file in the scenarios listed below. Enabling or disabling plugin features: Mobile Cache Separate cache files for mobile devices, for WP Rocket versions before 3.16

  • Optimize critical images

    WP Rocket 3.16 introduces a feature called Optimize critical images, which automatically optimizes the above the fold images of the page, so that they can be rendered faster. This optimization is

  • Troubleshooting Critical CSS generation issues

    Basic requirements for the generation tool to work: You must have a valid WP Rocket license. Check the service status here: Your site must be publicly accessible for the

  • WebP Compatibility

    WP Rocket does NOT create WebP images for you. You’ll need an additional plugin such as Imagify to handle image conversion. If your site uses WebP images, WP Rocket can create a separate cache file

  • Preload is slow or not working

    In this article, you will learn how to identify a problem with the Preload cache feature, which basic requirements should be met, and the most common problems it may have, as well as the respective

  • Support scope

    Our policy regarding custom development work is determined by factors such as time, complexity, and the extent to which proposed features may deviate from the primary product focus and vision. Minor

  • Using WP Rocket on your WooCommerce site

    Everything you need to know about WP Rocket and WooCommerce! In this Article Automatic detection What are the best settings for WooCommerce? Cache purging Resolving dynamic content issues Helper

  • Pages are not cached or optimizations are not working

    By default, WP Rocket delivers cached and optimized pages for visitors, unless you’re visiting: Pages as a logged-in user, in which case you should enable User Cache, log out of WordPress or visit

  • Using membership and community plugins with WP Rocket

    In general, it's recommended to disable page caching on certain dynamic membership or community plugins pages as no dynamic content on those pages would change until the cache is purged and

  • Making WP Rocket work with WooCommerce recently viewed products widget

    WP Rocket is compatible with two different widgets solutions that display a list of the products a visitor/customer previously viewed on your shop: Built-in WooCommerce Recently Viewed Products

  • Troubleshoot Remove Unused CSS display issues

    This article is intended to teach you how to identify and fix layout issues caused by the Remove Unused CSS feature. Heads up! This is an advanced-level document dedicated to experienced users,

  • Hosting compatibility

    WP Rocket is compatible with 99% of hosts. Due to the specifics of some hosting platforms, there may be some particular considerations. If you come across a hosting company that wants you to remove

  • Troubleshoot Delay JavaScript execution issues

    In this article, you'll learn how to identify, differentiate and solve issues related to the Delay JavaScript execution feature, how to handle exclusions and some examples. Heads up! This is an

  • When should I use the top menu options?

    WP Rocket's top menu is automatically added to the admin bar so that you can easily run some actions from anywhere in your admin panel, without having to access WP Rocket's Settings page. In this

  • Using Cloudflare APO with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible with Cloudflare APO, meaning that the cache clearing between WP Rocket and Cloudflare APO will be synchronized. Note: In order to work, this compatibility requires the

  • Clear cache notice when enabling/disabling plugins

    If you've enabled or disabled a plugin you should see an admin notice coming from WP Rocket as shown below: WP Rocket: One or more plugins have been enabled or disabled, clear the cache if they

  • How to make a custom (MU) plugin

    The difference between a regular plugin and a MU (“ must use”) plugin in WordPress is: MU plugins are activated automatically once uploaded to a specific folder in WordPress. In this Article Making a

  • Changing domains and migrating sites with WP Rocket

    When you change the domain for your site, enable HTTPS, change the primary version of your domain from www to non-www (or vice versa) or move a site from a development URL to a live URL, the WP

  • LazyLoad plugin compatibility

    We automatically exclude LazyLoad for the following plugins/scripts to ensure compatibility: Envira gallery Justified Image Grid Meta Slider Meta Slider Pro Really Simple Captcha Timthumb Soliloquy

  • How to find which plugin calls admin-ajax.php

    Some plugins use AJAX requests to launch a custom wp_query in order to show it in the page without a complete reloading, which is a good method for displaying dynamic content on a cached page. This

  • Cache is incomplete, cleared too frequently or randomly

    Sometimes, you might notice the cache is being cleared randomly, without a clear explanation. Some symptoms of this could be: The cache folder is incomplete. There is a random number of cached pages.

  • Using AMP plugins with WP Rocket

    AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is Google's open-source project built to speed up websites’ loading time. Initially, it was aimed for mobile but now it has been extended to all kind of devices.

  • Using cookie law plugins with WP Rocket

    Many websites need to display a banner to their visitors to warn them that cookies are used on the website, and ask to accept them. WP Rocket is known to be compatible with the following cookie law

  • Using geolocation/geotargeting plugins with WP Rocket

    Geotargeting/geolocation features can conflict with page caching. First, it's important to find out if the geolocation feature is using PHP or JavaScript/AJAX to run. You can contact the respective

  • Optimization plugins not compatible with WP Rocket

    This article contains a list of the optimization plugins and features that are not compatible with WP Rocket because they overlap each other, and cause major conflicts. Optimization plugins not

  • Using translation multilingual plugins with WP Rocket

    Automatic compatibilities WP Rocket has automatic compatibility with the following multilingual/translation plugins: WPML WP Rocket will detect your language configuration and will

  • Plugins and themes not compatible with WP Rocket

    In this article, you will find the list of plugins and themes which are not compatible with WP Rocket. These plugins and themes are preventing WP Rocket's caching and/or optimizations due to one of

  • How can I exclude a plugin/script from caching?

    You can't exclude a script or plugin from the cache with WP Rocket. Instead, if your site is having display or functioning issues, you can exclude a script or plugin from a specific optimization

  • Using WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache with WP Rocket

    Heads up! This article is about compatibility with WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache. This is not the Official Cloudflare plugin. According to the developers of the WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache

  • Disable page caching for logged-in administrators

    If User Cache is active, this small plugin disables caching for all administrators. If you’re a logged-in administrator, this plugin lets you see your website as it is rendered by WordPress, without

  • Reduce initial server response time

    Server response time (also known as Time To First Byte) measures how long it takes the first byte of HTML to get from your server to your visitor’s browser. The faster the server responds, the faster

  • Excluded Files box has entries that cannot be removed

    You may notice that some entries are added to the Exclusions boxes on the File Optimization tab and cannot be removed: These exclusions are being added by the theme or by one of the plugins for

  • Add code snippets

    In some cases, you might need to use snippets to fix specific issues or change WP Rocket's default behavior. There are two ways to achieve this: Add the snippet using a plugin For many WordPress

  • Fatal error: strict_types declaration must be the very first statement in the script

    If you use P3 Profiler plugin you may get the following PHP fatal errors: PHP Fatal error: strict_types declaration must be the very first statement in the script in

  • Using Rapidload with WP Rocket

    RapidLoad is an add-on for the Autoptimize plugin that removes unused CSS. When you're using Remove Unused CSS in WP Rocket, RapidLoad is not compatible with WP Rocket because both serve the same

  • Redis and object caching

    Redis is used to perform object caching. This is a different type of caching than the page caching provided by WP Rocket. So it's completely possible to use Redis, or another type of object caching

  • Can I use WP Rocket on a private intranet or offline?

    It's possible to use WP Rocket on an intranet or other private network, but some features do require access to the internet and to our external servers. License validation Access to the internet for

  • Installing WP Rocket

    This article contains the minimum requirements (PHP and WordPress versions) to install WP Rocket, as well as the instructions on how to download, and install manually and automatically the plugin.

  • I upgraded, why is my license still expired?

    There is a difference between a license upgrade and a renewal. An upgrade allows you to use WP Rocket on more websites. A renewal adds more time to your license - a valid license is required for

  • Using WP Rocket with WP-PostViews

    ⛔️ Deprecated: This document covers a legacy version of the WP-PostViews plugin. The plugin is not compatible anymore with WP Rocket. WP PostViews saves and displays how many times a post/post has

  • Disable WooCommerce cart fragments AJAX

    If you are having page speed issue with WooCommerce cart AJAX requests, we recommend this plugin for a solution: Plugin: Disable Cart Fragments Speed issues with WooCommerce cart AJAX are related to

  • Customize access to options according to user roles

    By default, you must be an Administrator to have access to any and all of WP Rocket's settings and options. But you can customize this, and grant other user roles access to some or all of WP Rocket's

  • Does WP Rocket support memcached?

    WP Rocket does not have any interaction with Memcached - it is a totally separate caching system. You may use them at the same time without issue. There is no integration for Memcached included in WP

  • Combine HTTPS and WWW redirection rules

    This doc brings two other docs together for those who need to implement both: Redirect HTTP to HTTPS and Fixing non-www redirection. In order to achieve this you have to add the following MU plugin.

  • WooCommerce displays the wrong prices

    The problem: After enabling caching, sometimes prices are incorrectly displayed—sometimes with tax, sometimes without. This type of issue usually depends on your WooCommerce tax and geolocation

  • Enable cache for Facebook user agent

    The Facebook user agent is automatically excluded from being served cache files to prevent potential incompatibilities that could occur: for example, when a post/page is shared on Facebook. If you

  • Sucuri Add-On

    If you use the Sucuri Website Firewall with their caching enabled, you should activate the WP Rocket Sucuri add-on. This will keep the caches in sync so that your site will always be updated with

  • Enable cache for WhatsApp agent

    The WhatsApp user agent is automatically excluded from being served cache files to prevent potential incompatibilities that could occur: for example, when a post/page is shared on WhatsApp. If you

  • Warning: advanced-cache.php already exists

    Are you seeing this notice like this in your WordPress admin area? Warning! The file /wp-content/advanced-cache.php already exists. Please manually delete it before using this plugin. This warning is

  • Using Cloudflare with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible and complementary with Cloudflare. You can find more information and instructions on how to synchronize WP Rocket with Cloudflare, and other useful information below. In this