Using Varnish With WP Rocket

You would probably know if your server uses Varnish; however, if you’re not sure, best ask your web host.

If your site is hosted on WP Engine or Flywheel, WP Rocket will automatically detect the environment and enable the Varnish add-on for you. On SiteGroundKinsta and Pressable you don’t need to enable this option either, because we already sync WP Rocket’s cache with their server cache.

On other hosting environments, if you know that your server uses Varnish, switch Add-on status to On for the Varnish add-on. That way, WP Rocket will make sure the Varnish cache is purged whenever the WP Rocket cache is purged.

Note: If you were using the Varnish HTTP Purge plugin before, you will no longer need it once you’ve switched on the Add-on.

Custom Varnish IP

Our Varnish integration assumes your server uses the default IP setting of However, if you need to specify a different IP, you can do that by installing this helper plugin:

📥   Download (.zip):  WP Rocket | Varnish IP
Developers: You can find the code for this plugin on GitHub.

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