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  • How to check if cron is running correctly

    WP Rocket's Preload, Remove Unused CSS, automatic cache clearing, and other features, heavily depend on cron. So, whether you're using WP Cron or a server side cron job, you should make sure the

  • Disable page caching for logged-in users

    If you find that the User Cache feature doesn't work for your site, because it's causing cache related issues, then it’s possible to disable the page cache feature for the logged-in users while

  • Can’t download PDF files when WP Rocket is active

    Your site is hosted by OVH and you offer PDF files for download on your site but when WP Rocket is activated, the PDFs cannot be downloaded anymore. This is an OVH specific problem and it is our

  • High CPU usage

    If you are experiencing high CPU usage on your site, there are a few possible ways WP Rocket could cause this: Pages are not cached Make sure that WP Rocket is active and caches your pages: How to

  • Fix UTF-8 issue with special characters

    If you use specific language characters on your site (such as Č, Ć, Š, ä, ö, ü, ß…) and these look broken after activating WP Rocket, there is an issue with UTF-8 encoding on your site. To solve the

  • Preload links

    The Preload links feature will improve the perceived loading time of pages for a user navigating your site. If a user hovers over, or touches, a link for 100ms or more, the HTML of that page will be

  • X-Cache MISS when WP Rocket is activated

    In WP Rocket's htaccess rules, we set an expires of 0 on the HTML document. This ensures that the browser does not store out-of-date content, so that the visitor will always see the correct content.

  • Using YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier with WP Rocket

    If you use the YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin, you may experience a conflict with JavaScript minification and LazyLoad. Here’s how to solve it. Exclude JavaScript file from minification If

  • Exclude URLs from being preloaded

    If required, URLs and groups of URLs can be excluded from being processed by the Preload feature. You can do this by using the exclusion box or using a filter. Exclude URLs with the exclusions box

  • Disable LazyLoad on specific posts

    If you want to disable the LazyLoad, LazyLoad for CSS background images or LazyLoad for iframes and videos features on a specific post or page, you can achieve it with the meta box, programmatically

  • Update products on stock after new WooCommerce orders

    If you’re using WooCommerce for your e-commerce site, and you notice that products on stock don’t get correctly updated, you can use the little plugin below to clear WP Rocket’s cache every time a

  • Change Load CSS Asynchronously sample URLs

    The Critical Path CSS is generated by WP Rocket for the homepage and each post type and taxonomy archive page. We select the last post for each type of content. The last post may not be accessible in

  • Erreur : Blank response from server. Vérifiez la console pour des informations de débogage

    Your site is hosted with OVH and you are getting this error when using LocoTranslate along with WP Rocket: Erreur : Blank response from server. Vérifiez la console pour des informations de débogage

  • Critical CSS issues and FOUC

    If you notice that your site is loading unstyled for a few moments before correcting itself, you could be experiencing FOUC, that is, a "flash of unstyled content" related to the Load CSS

  • Customize Preload sitemaps and priority

    If you need to customize the way Preload works with sitemaps and their priority in the process, you can use the rocket_sitemap_preload_list and rocket_preload_order filters as shown below. Heads up!

  • GeneratePress and WooCommerce Issue

    Incorrect mobile display on WooCommerce pages This affects customers using: GeneratePress Premium WooCommerce Load CSS Asynchronously and Mobile Caching in WP Rocket Problem On mobile devices, the

  • Using WP Rocket with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

    If you are noticing problems with the wish list when cached, please use one of these methods to resolve it. Enable AJAX loading Since version 3.0 of YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, you may enable their

  • Importing WooCommerce products is slow

    Problem Importing products in bulk, for example, using WooCommerce's CSV importer, is slow when WP Rocket is activated This can also happen when importing data into other content types with a plugin

  • Strange URLs added to Preload

    WP Rocket's Preload will add any visited, cacheable page to the cache table for preloading, in the database. If your server returns a 200 status for a page, it can be cached, even if you don't intend

  • Wrong display for mobile, tablet or desktop

    This article is useful if you have issues with the mobile version of your site being shown to desktop users, or vice versa. By default, WP Rocket will create two sets of caching files, one for

  • Plugins with compatibility based on dynamic cookies

    WP Rocket's dynamic cookies feature generates and serves different cache files for the same page based on cookie values, which is useful if your pages need to have different content depending on the

  • Plugins with compatibility based on mandatory cookies

    When a specific plugin is active on a website, WP Rocket will automatically apply compatibility based on mandatory cookies. The purpose of this behavior is to serve visitors with the right version of

  • User Cache

    When User Cache is activated, WP Rocket creates a dedicated set of cache files for each logged-in WordPress user. You can enable User Cache from the Add-ons tab, by switching the "Add-on status"

  • Fix for weird characters displaying on your web page

    Do you see strange characters displayed on your site like the image below? If so, it could be related to one of these possible causes: A the ob_gzhandler() function B Optimization plugins which add

  • Resolve redirection to index_gzip.html issue

    In some cases your visitors might be redirected directly to the cache file URL on your site. The cache file URLs look like this:

  • Mobile cache

    The Mobile cache feature is used to serve fast pages to visitors who are using a mobile device to navigate your website. This feature is activated by default upon activating WP Rocket. This article

  • Exclude files from Load CSS Asynchronously

    In some cases the option Load CSS Asynchronously may conflict with a specific file. If this option causes any problems, you may need to exclude a file from the process. You can do that by

  • Purge Varnish when using Cloudflare or other proxy

    Enabling the one-click Varnish add-on will auto-purge Varnish when the WP Rocket cache is cleared. When you also use a proxy such as Cloudflare this can prevent the Varnish cache being purged. The

  • Browser downloads file when opening a page

    Problem When trying to visit pages on your website, instead of the page opening normally, you get a popup asking you to download a file. On Firefox it looks like this: On Chrome, you will be prompted

  • Using Contact Form 7 with WP Rocket

    This article contains information about using the Contact Form 7 plugin along with WP Rocket. Automatic optimization of assets WP Rocket will load the JavaScript and CSS assets of the Contact Form 7

  • Resolving problems with license validation

    This article contains information about how to troubleshoot problems with WP Rocket license validation. When you install and activate WP Rocket, the validation of your license happens in the

  • Optimize WooCommerce get refreshed fragments

    WP Rocket optimizes the get_refreshed_fragments AJAX request generated by WooCommerce to dynamically update the content of the cart. What you will see If you use WooCommerce and run speed tests on

  • Using Ezoic with WP Rocket

    This article contains information on how to use WP Rocket and Ezoic at the same time on your site. Ezoic integration plugin You should not install the Ezoic Integration plugin because it will prevent

  • Common issues with LazyLoad

    Although we do our best to make our features as compatible as possible with other plugins and themes, it's impossible to ensure 100% compatibility. Here are some known conflicts with LazyLoad: Grid

  • Save dynamic CSS/JavaScript as static files

    When CSS and JavaScript code is loaded by a PHP file, the file is generated dynamically on each page load. This can take a long time and slow down your site. WP Rocket has an automatically-enabled

  • How to programmatically clear the cache and optimizations

    This article shows how can the cache and optimizations be purged programmatically, to extend or customize the default behavior of WP Rocket, and some examples of usage for each. Heads up! This guide

  • Which web servers is WP Rocket compatible with?

    This article contains information about the web servers WP Rocket is compatible with, as well as the list of Apache modules and directives required for the optimization features to work properly. In

  • Using multiple currency plugins with WP Rocket

    In order for currency switching to be compatible with page caching, it must rely on either AJAX (JavaScript) or set a cookie (that can be used either to exclude the page(s) from caching, or to

  • Preload custom cookie

    In some cases, you might want to preload the cache for specific values of a dynamic cookie instead of the regular cache version. Note that preload will skip preload all variants if cache is already

  • Resolving issues with CDN and fonts (icons)

    If you are using a web or icon font (for example Font Awesome) and a CDN, some rules are required to allow Cross Domain font requests. When you enable the CDN option in WP Rocket, we automatically

  • New blog posts or content changes don’t show up right away

    WP Rocket automatically clears the relevant parts of the cache when you update content so that your site stays up-to-date. If you find that new content isn't showing up immediately, there are a few

  • 404 errors on minified or combined CSS/JavaScript files

    Under normal circumstances, you should not find 404 errors on the minified or combined files created by WP Rocket. However there are a few external factors which can affect this. In this Article

  • Export/import settings and version rollback

    The Tools tab in WP Rocket provides several options to help manage the plugin settings and version. Export/import settings Tip: if you can't access the Tools tab Troubleshooting Version rollback Tip:

  • How to check if WP Rocket is caching your pages?

    WP Rocket by default delivers cached pages for visitors who are not logged-in WordPress users. When you’re checking if caching works as expected, make sure one of the following conditions is true:

  • Largest Contentful Paint

    Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is one of the Core Web Vitals. This guide will explain what it is, how to analyze your page and how to improve this metric. Overview of Largest Contentful Paint Largest

  • How often is the cache cleared?

    This article lists the scenarios and actions for which WP Rocket automatically runs full cache deletion and partial cache deletion, as well as instructions on how to disable automatic cache clearing.

  • Using Varnish with WP Rocket

    You can use WP Rocket and Varnish caching at the same time. In this article, you can learn how you can synchronize them using our Varnish Add-on, how to customize the synchronization, and other

  • Using Divi with WP Rocket

    This document contains all the necessary information about using the Divi theme along with WP Rocket. Divi's performance features Divi includes some features under its Divi > Theme Options >

  • Caching query strings

    WP Rocket does not cache pages with query strings by default, although there are some very specific exceptions (see below). A query string is where you have a URL that contains a question mark

  • Load CSS Asynchronously

    We recommend Remove Unused CSS as the method for CSS optimization. Load CSS Asynchronously should only be used if there is an issue with Remove Unused CSS. Additionally, Load CSS Asynchronously