Strange URLs added to Preload

WP Rocket's Preload will add any visited, cacheable page to the cache table for preloading, in the database. 

If your server returns a 200 status for a page, it can be cached, even if you don't intend it, and therefore it will be added to Preload. 

That means that URLs with strange characters like the following, might get added to the preload cache table:


If you don't want these to be cached/preloaded, you should: 

  1. Contact your host so that these URLs can return a 404 status code which will prevent them being cached/preloaded.
  2. Exclude them from caching in WP Rocket. The next time Preload runs, the URLs will be removed from the cache table.
    Some of the special characters may not be allowed in the exclusion field in the plugin settings, so you can use this helper plugin instead. If you need help configuring that, please contact our Support team.
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