User Cache

When User Cache is activated, WP Rocket creates a dedicated set of cache files for each logged-in WordPress user.

This is great when you have user-specific content on your website. The site will be cached as normal for any visitor that is not logged in, using one set of cache files, and for each logged-in user using a separate cache.

Logged in user cache is useful when you have a membership site, or similar when users must log in to see content.


User not logged out correctly

If there seems to be confusion about the logged-in or logged-out status of a user, it could be due to the fact that you have custom login or logout pages.

WP Rocket does not cache the default WordPress login/logout URLs. But if you are using custom URLs, WP Rocket will not be aware of them, so you should manually exclude those URLs from the cache:
Exclude pages from the cache

Custom login cookies

If you use a plugin that sets custom cookies for detecting the logged-in/logged-out status of a user, you may need to add those to the cookie exclusion option in the Advanced Rules tab:

Login/logout menu items

If you are looking for a plugin that can dynamically add login/logout links to your menu, we recommend the following, because it is cache-friendly:
Login Logout Menu plugin

No preloading for User Cache

Preloading does not work for User Cache. Neither one of WP Rocket’s preload processes can “log in” as a specific user to preload individual caches. The preload process will just preload the general cache for visitors as usual.