Fix UTF-8 issue with special characters

If you use specific language characters on your site (such as Č, Ć, Š, ä, ö, ü, ß…) and these look broken after activating WP Rocket, there is an issue with UTF-8 encoding on your site.

To solve the issue, add this at the top of your wp-config.php, just after <?php:

ini_set( 'default_charset', 'UTF-8' );

Finally, clear WP Rocket’s cache once.

If the issue remains after adding the line to the wp-config.php file, it might be necessary to also remove the Charset block of rules that WP Rocket adds to the .htaccess.

To remove it, install this helper plugin:

📥    Download (.zip): WP Rocket | Remove Charset Rules
Developers: You can find the code for this plugin on GitHub.

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