Common issues with LazyLoad

Although we do our best to make our features as compatible as possible with other plugins and themes, it's impossible to ensure 100% compatibility.

Here are some known conflicts with LazyLoad:

  • Grid layouts that use fixed positioning/fixed widths
    e.g. some implementations of Isotope or Masonry
  • JavaScripts that try to calculate spaces based on image size
  • Rocket Loader from CloudFlare
    In some cases, disabling RocketLoader can resolve the issue
  • Internet Explorer
    LazyLoad is not supported for IE8 and below
  • Certain background images
    Depending on how they are added, not all background images can be LazyLoaded. Please see this guide for more info.

Known theme and plugin conflicts

Enfold theme

LazyLoad can prevent the logo from being displayed when using the Enfold theme.
If you face any issues, you can exclude the logo image from being lazyloaded.

Nuss theme

The room thumbnails are not displayed when LazyLoad is on. The lightbox used by the theme is not compatible. There are two ways to fix this:

  1. Disable LazyLoad from the room post
  2. Disable LazyLoad for the room images

Essential Grid plugin

⛔️ Deprecated: This should be resolved as of Essential Grid v. 2.3.6.

If images are not showing, you can:

If you have a lot of pages it can be done programmatically with this helper plugin: 

📥   Download (.zip):  WP Rocket | No LazyLoad for Essential Grid
Developers: You can find the code for this plugin on GitHub.

ThemeREX Addons

When the "Move styles to the head" option is active, lazyloaded images are not displayed. 

Disabling the option resolves the issue:

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