Common Issues With LazyLoad

Although we do our best to make our features as compatible as possible with other plugins and themes, it's impossible to ensure 100% compatibility.

Here are some known conflicts with LazyLoad:

  • Grid layouts that use fixed positioning/fixed widths
    e.g. some implementations of Isotope or Masonry
  • JavaScripts that try to calculate spaces based on image size
  • Rocket Loader from CloudFlare
    In some cases, disabling RocketLoader can resolve the issue
  • Internet Explorer
    LazyLoad is not supported for IE8 and below
  • Certain background images
    Depending on how they are added, not all background images can be LazyLoaded. Please see this guide for more info.
  • If you find that LazyLoad is not being applied to a particular image, you may be able to manually apply LazyLoad by following these directions:
    Manually Apply LazyLoad To An Image
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