Common Issues With LazyLoad

Although we do our best to make our features as compatible as possible with other plugins and themes, it's impossible to ensure 100% compatibility.

Here are some known conflicts with LazyLoad:

  • Grid layouts that use fixed positioning/fixed widths
    e.g. some implementations of Isotope or Masonry
  • JavaScripts that try to calculate spaces based on image size
  • Rocket Loader from CloudFlare
    In some cases, disabling RocketLoader can resolve the issue
  • Internet Explorer
    LazyLoad is not supported for IE8 and below
  • Themes and plugins that don’t use WordPress core functions
    When themes and plugins use their own custom functions for images instead of using standard WordPress ones for featured images etc, WP Rocket cannot detect them, so LazyLoad is not applied automatically.
    You can manually apply LazyLoad by following these directions:
    Manually Apply LazyLoad To An Image