Disable additional options on a specific page/post

If you experience issues with a specific feature of WP Rocket on a specific page or post, you might want to turn it off there, but keep it active globally on other parts of your website.

In the WP Rocket Options meta box on the Edit screen you can turn off these options of WP Rocket specifically for the page/post you’re currently editing. Just navigate to that box, un-check the desired option(s), and update your post.

Note that if any of the options are not globally activated in the main WP Rocket settings, they will be greyed out and not available in the WP Rocket Options box.

Heads up! If you don’t see the WP Rocket Options meta box on your Edit screen, check if it is activated on the Screen Options panel in the Classic Editor, and in the Options panel in the Block Editor (Gutenberg).

Block Editor (Gutenberg)

Classic Editor

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