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  • Conditionally preload fonts on mobile devices

    The Preload Fonts feature in WP Rocket allows you to preload fonts to improve loading time and site performance. By default, WP Rocket will preload fonts for all the devices and all the pages. You

  • Using WPForms with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible with the WPForms plugin. However, if you're still seeing issues between both plugins, the information in this article can be handy. Using WPForms with WP Rocket's Delay

  • Database optimizations are not working

    This article contains information about the most common issues with the options in the Database tab, and how to solve them. Basic requirements Database optimizations require that WP-Cron is triggered

  • Avoid serving legacy JavaScript to modern browsers

    Heads up! This is a developer-level document. You need to be one or hire one to implement this optimization. It may require changes to code in your theme or a plugin. This means your site is using

  • Can I run WP Rocket on localhost and staging domains?

    Local and staging domains WP Rocket will work locally if you use one of the domain endings listed below, or just localhost. Local installations don’t count as sites for licensing purposes, although

  • Minimize main thread work

    The browser’s main thread processes all the scripts and styles needed to display the web page. When it has too much work to do, the thread is blocked and this delays the page load and will make it

  • Defer offscreen images

    What does Defer offscreen images mean? PageSpeed Insights makes the following recommendation: “Consider lazy-loading offscreen and hidden images after all critical resources have finished loading to

  • Eliminate render blocking resources

    What does Eliminate render blocking resources mean? Before the browser can display (render) a web page, it has to read its HTML. During this process, whenever the browser encounters a reference to a

  • Efficiently encode images

    Google Lighthouse will scan all the JPG and PNG images of your website. The tool will process them with a compression level of 85%, and then these optimized images will be compared with your original

  • My site has no styles and looks broken

    If you see that your site looks broken, i.e. it loads but there is no styling as in the image below, you can do some important troubleshooting which will help us better assist you. Find out what the

  • Dynamic exclusions and inclusions

    All exclusions and inclusions required for compatibility, i.e. prevent WP Rocket from breaking a site's layout or functioning, are stored in WP Rocket's cloud and distributed in specific lists for

  • Cloudflare - Recommended settings

    You don't have to make any changes in the Cloudflare settings when using WP Rocket. If you want to be sure that there won't be any issues, you can either turn on the Optimal Settings option on the WP

  • Basic requirements for RocketCDN to work

    What are the requirements to work? A valid domain name. RocketCDN won’t work on a website that is currently only an IP address. As RocketCDN is a pull CDN, your site must be publicly accessible for

  • Reduce the impact of third party code

    What is third party code? Third-party code refers to elements that are included on your website but are not hosted by you. Instead, these resources are coming from a different domain/URL. Common

  • Preload key requests

    What does Preload Key Requests mean? According to PageSpeed Insights, the assets that are loaded from another file and do not contain the attribute rel=”preload” will be flagged by this

  • Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy

    This recommendation refers to browser caching and for how long the browser should keep your static files in its cache for better performance. As we explain in this article, browser caching is a

  • Bypass WP Rocket's caching and optimizations

    In this article, you will learn how to bypass WP Rocket's caching and optimizations. This is needed in the following scenarios: To check if a display issue is caused by WP Rocket or not. To speed

  • cURL error 28

    Have you received an error like these while validating your WP Rocket license, or after activating Load CSS Asynchronously? Error: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after x milliseconds cURL error

  • Resolve 403 (forbidden) error

    If you experience a 403 forbidden error message on your site, that usually means access to some of your files gets blocked. In most cases, this is due to an .htaccess file located in one of these

  • My site was hacked or has malware

    When downloaded from the official website, WP Rocket will not introduce malware to your site. However, this article contains information about how WP Rocket interacts with a hacked site, and further

  • Reduce unused JavaScript

    This recommendation can be resolved by activating the WP Rocket option Delay JavaScript Execution. Although it does not technically remove the unused parts of the code from your site, the delayed

  • Excluding dynamic filenames

    This guide will show you how to exclude files from WP Rocket's optimizations when their filenames are dynamically changing. In this article Dynamically changing file names Excluding dynamically

  • Asynchronous optimizations

    Feature overview WP Rocket uses an asynchronous approach. Currently, Remove Unused CSS and Load CSS Asynchronously are applied asynchronously. In general, an asynchronous optimization follows these

  • Minify JavaScript files and Combine JavaScript files

    What do "minify" and "combine" mean? Minify Minification is the process of removing white space and comments from code. This makes the file size smaller, therefore faster to download. Minification

  • Avoid an excessive DOM size

    When a web page is loaded, the browser creates a Document Object Model (DOM) of the page. The HTML DOM model is constructed as a tree of Objects: Image source:

  • Database size increases with Remove Unused CSS

    Remove Unused CSS stores some information in the database, and in some scenarios, it can grow quite large. There are two tables involved in database size issues when using Remove Unused CSS: Used CSS

  • Replace YouTube iframe with preview image

    Definition This feature detects the presence of compatible YouTube iframes in your site, and changes their markup so that the iframe tag is replaced by an img tag containing the thumbnail that's set

  • Preload fonts

    Preload Fonts helps address the PageSpeed recommendation to Preload Key Requests. The feature is found on the Preload tab: In this Article How to use Preload Fonts Using Preload Fonts with Remove

  • CSS changes don’t show up

    In this Article Clear the Used CSS Browser caching How to bust the browser cache Unique themes - Genesis, X Theme If you are making changes to the CSS files on your site and you've cleared the WP

  • Preload cache

    The Preload Cache feature emulates a visit to your site's pages to generate cache files. Since the feature is enabled by default on plugin installation, there's no need to wait until a real visitor

  • Using WP Touch, WordPress Mobile Pack and WP Mobile Detector with WP Rocket

    We have automatic compatibility with several mobile plugins, including WPtouch (free), WordPress Mobile Pack and WP Mobile Detect. For these plugins, both our mobile caching options will be enabled

  • ManageWP: how to clear and preload WP Rocket cache

    You can clear and preload WP Rocket cache from your ManageWP control panel. To do it, you can use the following snippet. <?php // ManageWP PHP Snippet, will clear the cache and trigger a preload. //

  • How to improve your mobile PageSpeed score

    It is very normal for mobile speeds to be slower, and the PageSpeed score lower, than desktop results. This guide will explain why, recommend which WP Rocket settings will have the most impact, and

  • Total Blocking Time and First Input Delay

    Total Blocking Time (TBT) is not an actual Core Web Vital metric, but it’s important because we can measure it using tools like PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse, unlike First Input Delay (FID). This

  • Missing update notification in dashboard

    After we release a new version of WP Rocket, it can take around 12 hours for the update notification to appear on your Plugins page. Sometimes you won't see the update notification for WP Rocket in

  • Find the best settings for your site

    Every site has a different theme, a different set of plugins, and different content. So the best settings will vary from site to site. In this article you'll learn the safest way to experiment with

  • Using WP Rocket on your ecommerce site

    WP Rocket is compatible with e-commerce plugins for WordPress such as: WooCommerce BigCommerce Easy Digital Download iThemes Exchange Jigoshop WP-Shop Note: These plugins require that some specific

  • Control WordPress Heartbeat API

    The WordPress Heartbeat API provides a connection for real-time data transfer and syncing between the server and the browser. Examples of where the Heartbeat API is involved include: Autosave and

  • Never cache cookies

    This article contains information about the Never Cache Cookies feature in WP Rocket's Advanced Rules tab, the common use scenarios, and instructions how to set the cookie to exclude. In this article

  • CRON and WP Rocket

    This article covers all the relevant information about cron on WordPress and its relation with some WP Rocket's features, as well as instructions to set up cron job in the server, and a common issues

  • WordPress dashboard / WP Rocket settings page doesn't update

    It may happen that WordPress backend or WP Rocket Settings Page are not being updated or changes can't be saved as expected. The causes and possible solutions are presented below. Can't save / update

  • rocket_clean_home()

    Use the rocket_clean_home() function when you want to purge your home page from the cache. If your website is multilingual, you can specify the language to purge. // clean the home

  • Which IP addresses and URLs do I need to allow for WP Rocket?

    For license validation and for some features, WP Rocket relies on external services. You can check their status here: IPs and URLs of these services need to be allowed

  • Images are not showing up

    In some cases, WP Rocket's features can prevent all or some images from showing up. Most of the time, this behavior is caused by either the LazyLoad or Delay JavaScript execution feature. LazyLoad

  • “Sorry, you’re not allowed to access this page” error

    This is not something that could be triggered by WP Rocket. You can verify that by enabling WordPress Debugger and see if there is anything related to WP Rocket showing here. It usually affects

  • Using SG Optimizer with WP Rocket

    Don't duplicate features in SG Optimizer It's fine to use both plugins, but duplicate features should be avoided. Some features are activated automatically by WP Rocket. So these should be

  • "realpath(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/) is not within the allowed path(s)" error

    This error happens when PHP has its access limited by the value of open_basedir PHP setting. open_basedir limits the files that can be accessed by PHP to the directory-tree it is specified on this

  • rocket_clean_domain()

    Use the rocket_clean_domain() function when you want to purge a complete domain from the cache, that is: clear the cache for your entire website. Additionally, when the Preload feature is enabled,

  • How to fix the undefined reading 'use' error.

    This article can help you if you've checked your browser console and found the following error on your website: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'use') Check if this

  • WPtouch not working

    There are 2 versions of WPtouch: WPtouch (free) WPtouch Pro WPtouch (free) WP Rocket is automatically compatible with WPTouch (Free). When it is activated, WP Rocket detects it and automatically