Using SG Optimizer with WP Rocket

Don't duplicate features in SG Optimizer

It's fine to use both plugins, but duplicate features should be avoided.

Some features are activated automatically by WP Rocket. So these should be deactivated in SG Optimizer.

You'll find them all here:

If you use SiteGround’s server caching

WP Rocket will need SG Optimizer to be installed to be able to clear SiteGround’s caching:

  • Dynamic Cache (NGINX)
  • Memcached

Please set SiteGround Optimizer - Caching options like this:

  • Dynamic Caching: ON
  • File-Based Caching: OFF
  • Memcached: ON
  • Automatic Purge: ON

Caching will be active in both plugins. WP Rocket provides file-based page caching, SG Optimizer provides caching through NGINX. In cases where the request is not served from the NGINX cache, it will be served by WP Rocket if available.

When you purge the WP Rocket cache it also purges your SiteGround cache, and vice versa.

I'm getting a MISS from Siteground's cache

Note that the first request to a page will be a MISS if it hasn't been cached yet. Subsequent requests should be a HIT.

There are a couple of cases where you may consistently be getting a MISS from Siteground's cache. The page is still cached by WP Rocket. However, you can resolve the MISS in either of the following ways. 

Disable the following WP Rocket options:

NOTE: If the above doesn't work for you, you can try following the steps in this article: X-Cache MISS when WP Rocket is activated

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