Bypass WP Rocket's caching and optimizations

Sometimes you may want to access your site without caching: 

  • To check if a display issue is caused by WP Rocket or not
  • To speed test the uncached version of your site and compare with the cached version
  • To check a change you've made in the code of your site without clearing the cache

You could deactivate the plugin entirely, but in many cases the following method is faster and more convenient.

There is a dedicated query string which will bypass all of WP Rocket's optimizations: ?nowprocket

Add this to end of any URL to bypass WP Rocket.

For example, to bypass WP Rocket on your homepage, use the following (with your real domain name of course):

Or for a specific page:


  • Rules applied via the htaccess file (e.g. GZIP rules, browser caching rules etc) will still be applied.
  • Caching from any other source, such as your host, Cloudflare, Sucuri etc may or may not be active on the ?nowprocket version depending on how that cache layer has been configured with query strings.
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