Database optimizations are not working


Database optimizations require that WP-Cron is triggered reliably on your site.

To check if cron is working for your site in general, please go to Tools > Site Health in your WordPress dashboard and see if any "scheduled events" have failed or are late to run.

Please see our guide about setting up a real cron for your site.

Optimizing a large number of items

This feature uses a background process so the page must be refreshed to see progress. 

Transients are not cleaned up

Transients are frequently re-created by plugins. So you may clear the transients but find that it does not reduce to 0. This is normal since plugins are constantly regenerating transients. 

To get more information about which plugins are creating transients, install the Transients Manager plugin.

Optimize Tables does not work or shows 0 tables to optimize

WP Rocket will not optimize tables if they use InnoDB. If the number of tables optimized is always 0, this is most likely the reason. You can check with your host to confirm if your database uses InnoDB.

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