WordPress Dashboard/WP Rocket Settings Page Doesn't Update

It may happen that WordPress backend or WP Rocket Settings Page are not being updated or changes can't be saved as expected. The causes and possible solutions are presented below.

Can't Save/Update WP Rocket Settings

You should be able to toggle settings on and off, and set or remove exclusions as per your needs, by just clicking on the Save Changes button at the bottom of each tab.

However, you might come across a situation where the settings changes are not saved, as shown in this video.

WordPress Dashboard Doesn't Update

You might notice some elements in the dashboard, such as the status of the plugins, are not being updated accordingly after you've applied changes.

Possible causes and solutions

WP Rocket's caching and optimizations don't run in the WordPress backend, so it's highly unlikely that these issues are related to WP Rocket.

Usually these cases are related to another layer of caching in the backend:

Object cache

Object cache such as Redis or Memcached, may be storing queries with WP Rocket settings preferences in your database, and not updating them accordingly.

Either purge the object cache in your server or temporarily disable it. You can also ask your hosting provider to assist you with this.

HTML cache

If the HTML of the admin is being cached by another layer of cache, for example, Cloudflare's  Cache Everything, this will cause issues. 

If you're using Cloudflare's Cache Everything, please make sure to exclude all the /wp-admin URLs as per this guide. The same exclusion should be done for any other cache layer that is active in your admin area.

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