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  • Using Hide My WordPress with WP Rocket

    As of Hide My WP Ghost version 2.3.010, the plugin (including its PRO version) fully supports WP Rocket’s minification features. In case you’re running an earlier version of Hide My WP Ghost, you can

  • How to make system files (.htaccess, wp-config.php) writeable

    There are some cases where server-side settings interfere with WP Rocket's automatic configuration, and a message about missing writing permissions can appear after you activated or deactivated the

  • Delay JavaScript Execution compatibility exclusions

    When using the Delay JavaScript Execution feature you may notice that it takes some time, or user's interaction for some elements, e.g. a menu, or a form that is located in the viewport, to appear.

  • Too many redirects error

    This affects customers using Cloudflare's Flexible SSL. Problem Site crashes when WP Rocket is deactivated Too many redirects error in your browser: Cause If you use Cloudflare's Flexible SSL on your

  • Can I ban or stop a site from using my license?

    The only way to prevent a website from using your license is to delete the WP Rocket plugin from the site. Removing the domain from your WP Rocket account is only a temporary measure. If the plugin

  • Using Wordfence with WP Rocket

    Although WP Rocket is compatible with the Wordfence plugin, there are a few things that can cause trouble. Firewall blocks Remove Unused CSS feature Wordfence firewall can block our tool and cause

  • Uninstalling WP Rocket

    WP Rocket can be uninstalled in two ways: from the plugins page in WordPress admin, and manually through FTP/File manager. From WordPress admin You can uninstall WP Rocket as any other plugin. WP

  • Avoid document write

    Heads up! This is a developer-level document. You need to be one or hire one to implement this optimization. It may require changes to code in your theme or a plugin. What is document.write()?

  • Why I can’t update to the last version?

    Sometimes you can notice that a new version is available in our changelog, but you can't see the update notification yet on your website. Don't worry, this is expected and you will be notified

  • What happens if my license expires?

    Before your license expires, you will receive an email telling you that your license will soon expire. You will find a renewal link which will be active even after the expiration. When your license

  • How to clear cache via cron job

    WP Rocket provides custom functions for clearing and preloading the cache. In order to run these at specific times each day, you can use a cron job on your server. In this Article Set Up a Cron Job

  • Why is WP Rocket not working ?

    One of the advantages of WP Rocket, is that it's able to start caching your site right after installation, without any other options enabled. However, sometimes you may notice some issues after the

  • How to use WP Rocket in a multisite environment

    If you want to use WP Rocket on a multisite environment, there are a few details you should consider at the moment of purchasing your license and activating the plugin. In this Article What type of

  • Some images are not lazyloaded

    If you've already activated the LazyLoad and LazyLoad for CSS background images features, you've verified the page is cached, but some images are still not lazyloaded and/or PageSpeed lists some

  • White or blank screen when WP Rocket is active

    There are a few possible reasons why you may see a white or blank screen after activating WP Rocket. Here are some troubleshooting tips. Check the error logs A fatal PHP error is often hiding behind

  • My website is slow

    If you are not happy with your website speed, these tips might be helpful in making it faster. There are a few possible underlying reasons for the slowness on your site, which WP Rocket (or any

  • WP Rocket installation from GitHub using Composer

    WP Rocket can be installed directly from our GitHub repository: Requirements: Composer - this has to be installed on the PC/server where you are planning to

  • Disable LazyLoad on specific images

    You can use the Excluded images or iframes field in the plugin settings to disable lazyloading on images and background images. To exclude the images, you can use any of these keywords from the image

  • Errors / issues while using RocketCDN

    No images loaded on SiteGround hosting SiteGround implemented an Antibot AI captcha system on websites using Siteground for WordPress hosting:

  • Endurance cache

    Some hosting providers, such as HostGator or Bluehost, might automatically install a must-use plugin that enables the Endurance Page Cache. Our recommendation is to disable the endurance cache

  • Too many failed or pending actions in Action Scheduler table

    WP Rocket uses Action Scheduler for Preload and Remove Unused CSS, so you will see these hooks in the wp_action_scheduler table: Remove Unused CSS rocket_rucss_job_check_status

  • WP admin area is slow

    WordPress admin slow before installing WP Rocket WP Rocket is only able to make the front end of your site faster. For the back end of your site, slowness could be due to a few things. Plugins: Some

  • Update your credit card details for RocketCDN subscription

    At the moment it is not possible to update your credit card from the plugin or user account. We are working on improving that, but for the time being, please contact our support team. They’ll provide

  • Troubleshoot Used CSS generation issues

    This guide will help you if you notice that Remove Unused CSS's Used CSS generation is slow or not working at all. In this Article Used CSS generation overview Quick fixes Connection requirements

  • Can't upload/install WP Rocket

    Are you seeing this error message when you try to upload WP Rocket through your WordPress dashboard? The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. This message means there

  • Updating WP Rocket

    There are two ways to update WP Rocket: automatic and manual. Remember, if your license has expired, you can renew it on your account page. Automatic update Heads up! For technical reasons WP Rocket

  • Using SSL with WP Rocket

    If use SSL on your website, make sure to take the following steps to ensure that it works correctly with WP Rocket. Note: We provide this info as a helpful, informational guide for you; we don’t

  • 502 error when manually clearing the cache

    If you see a 502 error from Cloudflare when clearing the WP Rocket cache, please check if you are also using the Query Monitor plugin. In some cases, this combination can lead to the 502 error. If

  • Images are incorrect sizes when LazyLoad is active

    Sometimes there can be a conflict between the SVG placeholder used for LazyLoad and the way the browser handles CSS rules that are sizing the images. Images may appear to be the wrong size unless the

  • Exclude files from Load JavaScript Deferred

    In some cases, the option Load JavaScript deferred may conflict with a specific file. If this option causes any problems, you may need to exclude a file from the process. Exclude files and domains

  • Reduce JavaScript execution time

    💡 Enable Delay JavaScript Execution in WP Rocket to improve this recommendation You get this Diagnostic because you have JavaScript (JS) files, loaded from your theme, plugins or from external

  • Using iThemes Security with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible with the iThemes Security plugin. iThemes Security has an option to prevent system files to be editable (which is a reasonable security feature). However, WP Rocket needs

  • get_rocket_cdn_url()

    WP Rocket rewrites all the URLs of your images to the CDN URL. However, in rare cases image URLs may not be rewritten, because the theme, or a plugin does not use native WordPress functions to

  • Error notices during the RocketCDN subscription process

    RocketCDN is not available at the moment. Please retry later If you see this message where you should be able to subscribe to RocketCDN, this means that your site can’t communicate with RocketCDN

  • Excluded images are still being lazyloaded

    This article includes information about images being lazyloaded or broken even if they're excluded from the LazyLoad. Expected behavior of an excluded image If you've followed this guide to exclude

  • Using Asset CleanUp with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible with the Asset CleanUp plugin and its pro version! Please note, you'll need to clear WP Rocket's cache after making changes in Asset CleanUp settings because they aren't

  • Multiple licenses

    This article contains information useful in case you have purchased multiple WP Rocket licenses within the same WP Rocket account. WP Rocket's licensing system is not designed to handle multiple

  • Increase PHP memory limit in WordPress

    Sometimes when you are trying to perform a normal WordPress action like activating a plugin, you get an error message like this: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 157286400 bytes exhausted (tried

  • Serve images in next-gen formats

    This warning requests you to use next-generation formats for your images. By “next-generation formats” Google refers to JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and especially, WebP format. Google Lighthouse will convert

  • Disable LazyLoad for iframes

    When the LazyLoad for iframes and videos feature causes problems to the iframes, you can opt for disabling it on specific iframes, pages or programmatically. Disable LazyLoad on specific iframes

  • Security headers are missing

    If you have added security headers using PHP, they will not be added on cached pages. Once a page is cached, PHP is not executed, so the headers will not be added. Did you know? Because PHP doesn't

  • How to provide WP Rocket support with access to your site?

    This article explains why WP Rocket's support team may need credentials of a website to troubleshoot some specific problems, which type of credentials are required, and how to share them safely. In

  • Using Cloudflare Cache Everything with WP Rocket

    This article contains information about the most common problems when using Cloudflare's Cache Everything feature, and how to solve them. In this Article My admin bar is cached Cache Everything is

  • Using WP Rocket with a CDN

    Forget configuration headaches, WP Rocket has now its own premium CDN service, RocketCDN. Our automatic configuration provides the best speed results! CDN Compatibility: This feature is generally

  • Enabling white label for footprint, dashboard and RocketCDN

    HTML comment footprint You can remove mention of WP Rocket in the HTML comment footprint from the source code of your site: Edit wp-config.php at the root of your WordPress installation and add this

  • Using Autoptimize with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket has built-in compatibility with Autoptimize. You can use Autoptimize to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and WP Rocket for page caching, images LazyLoad, Delay JavaScript execution, Remove

  • Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance

    Heads up! This is a developer-level document. You need to be one or hire one to implement this optimization. It may require changes to code in your theme or a plugin. The scrolling experience can be

  • Using Slider Revolution with WP Rocket

    WP Rocket is compatible with the Slider Revolution plugin, but in case you have issues, you can refer to the instructions and additional information in this article. Compatibility with the Load

  • Remove Unused CSS

    Still seeing the Reduce unused CSS audit in PageSpeed? It's possible the Used CSS hasn't been applied to your pages yet, please refer to this guide for more information. And, when the Used CSS is

  • Page caching

    When a visitor comes to your WordPress site, their browser talks to your web server which loads up WordPress – this involves PHP processing, making requests to your database, sending files back to