Updating WP Rocket

There are two ways to update WP Rocket: automatic and manual. Remember, if your license has expired, you can renew it on your account page.

Heads up! For technical reasons WP Rocket must be active whenever you run an update for it.

Automatic Update

Go the plugins page (/wp-admin/plugins.php) and click on Update Now.

If you don’t see any update notification, you can try it few hours later.

If you still don’t see any update notification, your server may be blocking the requests to our update system, so you should use the Manual Update instead.

Manual Update

There are two possible ways to update WP Rocket manually.

Update via FTP

Note: Don’t forget to export your WP Rocket plugin settings before updating, just in case.


Go to your account and download the latest version of WP Rocket.


Unzip the archive and then upload the wp-rocket folder to wp-content/plugins directory.

Update from WP Admin

Once you have downloaded WP Rocket from your account page, login to WP Admin of your website and follow these steps:


Export WP Rocket’s settings from Settings → WP Rocket → Tools
Video: http://recordit.co/VPVbi5G4GQ


Go to Plugins section, deactivate and delete WP Rocket.


Go to Plugins → Add new → Upload. Video:


Re-import your WP Rocket settings.

Update notification is missing

In some cases you won’t see the update notification for WP Rocket in your admin panel at all. Luckily, there is a way to force the update notification of WP Rocket.

All you have to do is to visit your Plugins page in your admin panel and to add this at the end of URL:


So it looks like this ( example.com representing your domain here):


Check the following video to see how to do this: http://recordit.co/BHmURX7yvq