Error notices during the RocketCDN subscription process

RocketCDN is not available at the moment. Please retry later

  • The Let's Encrypt older root certificate DST Root CA X3, which expired on September 30th can lead to a cURL error 60 issue and prevent the communication between your site and other services like RocketCDN. 
    Please try the solution shared in the article here:
    Other possible solutions: 
    1)  Contact your hosting provider and ask them to update PHP to the latest version (7.4 / 8.1), which will use a newer version of OpenSSL.
    2)  Install and activate the "Disable SSL Certificate Validation" helper plugin; the download link and instructions are in the Curl errors related to SSL section of our Troubleshooting Validation Errors help article.
  • If you see this message where you should be able to subscribe to RocketCDN, this means that your site can’t communicate with RocketCDN server. The IP is probably blocked by your server, a firewall, or a security plugin. Please allow this IP on all these security levels.

A CDN site with domain already exists

RocketCDN relies on StackPath CDN and maybe a previous StackPath CDN subscription still exists. Please contact StackPath support to delete it.

If there’s no StackPath CDN subscription at all, please contact our support.

RocketCDN subscription modal box keeps opening

This usually indicates that your WordPress admin is cached by a server cache layer. Please clear this cache and exclude your WordPress admin from being cached.

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