Why is WP Rocket not working ?

One of the advantages of WP Rocket, is that it's able to start caching your site right after installation, without any other options enabled. However, sometimes you may notice some issues after the activation of our plugin.

Don't panic! These possible issues are all reversible: if you notice something strange, you should simple uncheck all the additional options in WP Rocket and clear the cache - everything will return to normal. 

To help you troubleshoot the cause of the problem, these are the 3 most common issues that could make you think WP Rocket is not working:

Pages are not cached and/or minification is not working

If you followed the instructions indicated in our doc  How to check if WP Rocket is caching your pages, and you realised that the pages are not cached or the minification is not working, it might be that the minimum requirements for the plugin to function have not been met.

If you were using other cache plugins before WP Rocket, you should make sure to remove their leftovers inside your FTP.  Within the wp-content/cache folder, the folders WP Rocket creates are:

  • /busting
  • /critical-css
  • /min 
  • /wp-rocket

All others should be removed. 

Super Cache also creates a wp-cache-config.php file within wp-content which should be deleted. 

W3 Total Cache creates the following within wp-content which should be deleted:

  • folder: /w3tc-config
  • files: object-cache.php, db.php

and it creates these folders within wp-content/cache which should be deleted:

  • /config
  • /db
  • /object
  • /page_enhanced
  • /minify

It may create others based on your settings.
Other useful troubleshooting tips can be found in this doc:  Pages Are Not Cached or CSS/JS Minification Is Not Working

I don't see a cached version of my site

Are you viewing your site logged in? If so, you are not seeing cached versions of the pages (unless you specifically activated  caching for logged in users), so you will not see the difference WP Rocket makes. 
To see the fast, cached version of your site that visitors see, make sure you log out first, or look at the site in an incognito/private window.

I don't see any difference in site speed

After installing a cache plugin, it's really important to use the right tools when testing if there has been a difference in speed.
We suggest to specifically test the load time of your website using Pingdom Tools and follow the directions provided here:  How To Correctly Measure Your Website’s Page Load Time

If you didn't do a speed test then it's possible you were looking at the site while logged in and weren't seeing the fast, cached pages.

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