How to provide WP Rocket support with access to your site?

This article explains why WP Rocket's support team may need credentials of a website to troubleshoot some specific problems, which type of credentials are required, and how to share them safely.

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Why is access sometimes needed?

Sometimes we ask for temporary access to your website so that we can resolve your issue in the fastest possible way. 

Every WordPress site is different, using different themes, plugins, server configuration, etc to create a very specific environment that we cannot reproduce exactly in order to troubleshoot.

So the only solution is to access our customer's website directly— and ideally to a clone of this website. 

This is a standard procedure that we do for many of our customers without any complaints. Other providers of premium WordPress products do the same. We treat the sites and data of our customers with respect—we are just trying to solve the issue for you quickly and efficiently.

Which credentials will we need?

Heads up!
We recommend not to share your own credentials but create a new temporary user instead. Please, test them twice to be sure that all your credentials are valid before sharing them. This is a win-win time-saving precaution! 

WordPress admin credentials

We will need  temporary WordPress admin access to your site, in English, if possible. This means:

  1. a login URL
  2. a user ID
  3. a password

You can also use this plugin: Temporary Login Without Password to create and share temporary WordPress admin access. This plugin will allow you to create self-expiring, automatic login links for your WordPress site that you’ll can share with us. Login works just by opening the link, no password needed. Secure and easy!

FTP credentials

Sometimes, we will also need temporary (s)FTP access to your WordPress installation. This means:

  1. a host address (FTP/sFTP)
  2. a user ID
  3. a password
  4. a port

Here are tutorials to learn how to create (s)FTP accounts:

If you're really not comfortable with these FTP credentials, you can always ask your host support to create them for you.

Using a one time link to share your credentials

Instead of pasting them directly in your ticket, we recommend to send your credentials securely. It generates a URL for any message you store. After the URL with your message has been opened once, it destroys itself.

As soon as we’ll close the ticket, we’ll delete the temporary credentials you provided, and so you should do too!

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