Warning: advanced-cache.php already exists

Are you seeing this notice like this in your WordPress admin area? 


The file /wp-content/advanced-cache.php already exists. Please manually delete it before using this plugin.

This warning is generated by WP Super Cache. It's not possible to use two caching plugins at the same time, therefore to use WP Rocket you must remove WP Super Cache (or any other cache plugin).

If you are not able to access any admin pages of your site you may manually deactivate WP Super Cache. 

  1. Access your site via FTP or File Manager
  2. Navigate to: wp-content/plugins
  3. Locate the folder named: wp-super-cache
  4. Rename the folder, for example: off.wp-super-cache
  5. Now you will be able to access your admin area again and can delete WP Super Cache from the plugins page as normal. 
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