Using Hide My WordPress with WP Rocket

As of Hide My WP Ghost version 2.3.010, the plugin (including its PRO version) fully supports WP Rocket’s minification features.

In case you’re running an earlier version of  Hide My WP Ghost, you can either update to a recent version, or disable CSS/JS minification in WP Rocket.

Keep in mind that, if you need to exclude files from WP Rocket's optimization features, the recommended is to use the most generic part of the path along with the filename. So, for example, instead of excluding  /modules/aa11bb22cc33/assets/jquery.sticky.min.js, you should exclude /assets/jquery.sticky.min.js in case the random string changes within Hide My WP Ghost functioning.

Other plugins

The following plugins have not been tested wih WP Rocket so we are unable to confirm if they are compatible or not:

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