Using Autoptimize with WP Rocket

WP Rocket has built-in compatibility with Autoptimize.

You can use Autoptimize to minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and WP Rocket for page caching, images LazyLoad, Delay JavaScript execution, Remove Unused CSS and many others. 

WP Rocket detects when each of the options in Autoptimize are active and prevents you from activating the same option in WP Rocket, as shown below:

In these cases, WP Rocket's features will also show these texts:

CSS Minification is currently activated in Autoptimize. If you want to use WP Rocket's minification, disable those options in Autoptimize.
Automated unused CSS removal is currently activated in RapidLoad Power-Up for Autoptimize. If you want to use WP Rocket's Remove Unused CSS feature, disable the RapidLoad Power-Up for Autoptimize plugin.

When the cache of Autoptimize’s minified files is cleared, WP Rocket’s cache will also be cleared.

Note: If you use the CDN feature in WP Rocket, make sure to also enter your CDN URL in the Autoptimize CDN options so your files will still be detected and minified.

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