New blog posts or content changes don’t show up right away

WP Rocket automatically clears the relevant parts of the cache when you update content so that your site stays up-to-date. If you find that new content isn't showing up immediately, there are a few possible reasons. 

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Specify the page for posts in WordPress

If your site has a static home page and a different page to display blog posts, make sure you have configured the Page for Posts setting in WordPress→Settings→Reading correctly:

If you haven’t an empty page at hand, just create a new one. In our example it has the title Blog:

This way, WP Rocket will detect which page’s cache it needs to clear when you publish a new post. 

Use the Always Purge URL(s) setting

An alternate solution is to enter the URL of your posts page in Advanced Rules→Always Purge URL(s) in WP Rocket:

Other possible issues

Browser caching

If you find that refreshing your browser cache makes the new content show up, it means something is setting a long browser caching rule on the HTML for your page. WP Rocket doesn’t do this by default (to avoid this precise issue), but some server-side rules, or conflicting .htaccess rules could cause this problem.

To see if this is the issue you can check the headers on the HTML file (Doc, in Chrome) by going to the Developer Tools in your browser and clicking the Network tab. If the "Disable cache" box is checked, un-check it for this test: 

In this case you can see that the  cache-control: max-age (defined in seconds) andExpires are set to 90 days(screenshot taken on May 5th 2021). This will prevent new content showing up right away.

The expected headers are:

cache-control: max-age=0
Expires: should be the current date/time

If you don't see the expected headers, check your .htaccess rules, or ask your web host if it’s in the server configuration. In the .htaccess file, any caching rules that are outside of the block created by WP Rocket, could conflict.

The WP Rocket section starts with: # BEGIN WP Rocket
And ends with: # END WP Rocket

Another cache layer

If there is an additional cache layer in place, its cache must be purged at the same time as WP Rocket's to ensure content stays update. In some cases WP Rocket can do this automatically: 

If you are using other cache layers not mentioned above, such as Ezoic, Incapsula, Fastly or others, you will need to manually purge that cache to keep your site up-to-date.

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