Using multiple currency plugins with WP Rocket

In order for currency switching to be compatible with page caching, it must rely on either AJAX (JavaScript) or set a cookie (that can be used either to exclude the page(s) from caching, or to programmatically create different cache files based on the value of that cookie).

That’s because WP Rocket eliminates all PHP/MySQL processes from a page and creates static HTML output instead (as do most other caching plugins).

We already have built-in compatibility for these two plugins:

Each of these plugins uses a cookie to store the currency, which allows WP Rocket to create different cache files based on the value of that cookie. We recommend you choose one of these plugins for your site to ensure that currency switching can work properly.

If your current plugin is already using a cookie for this, and you want to continue using it, see: 

Create Different Cache Files with Dynamic and Mandatory Cookies

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