I upgraded, why is my license still expired?

There is a difference between a license upgrade and a renewal. 

An upgrade allows you to use WP Rocket on more websites. 

A renewal adds more time to your license - a valid license is required for plugin updates and support. 

Upgrading and renewing are 2 separate transactions. Upgrading does not change the license expiration date.

When you first purchase WP Rocket, it includes 1 year of updates, support and access to our Optimize CSS delivery servers. After that the plugin will keep functioning even if you don’t renew, except for the Optimize CSS delivery.

And if you have a Plus or an Infinite license, you can install WP Rocket on as many sites as your plan allows, even after the license has expired. 

But if you want to continue to have access to our support team, plugin updates and Optimize CSS delivery features, then you must renew your license.

If you want to do both: 

  • Maintain access to support and updates


  • Use WP Rocket on more sites

Then it's best to renew first, then upgrade after that.

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