Can I use WP Rocket on a private intranet or offline?

It's possible to use WP Rocket on an intranet or other private network, but some features do require access to the internet and to our external servers.

License validation

Access to the internet for license validation is needed at these times: 

  • On initial activation. Your site will need to be connected to the internet to validate the license. Your API Key, account email, and domain (or IP address if that's how your site is configured) will be sent to our server for validation. 
  • After the initial license validation, it will be re-validated on plugin updates. 

The plugin will continue to work after the initial validation, even if the next validation attempt fails. But automatic plugin updates will not work.

To enable access to our server for validation, you will find the current IP address here.

Plugin update notifications

Your site will need to connect to the internet to receive plugin update notifications that come from our server. 

Load CSS Asynchronously and Remove Unused CSS

The generation of CSS for these features is done externally in WP Rocket's servers, which has to be able to access your site to generate the CSS. If your site is not accessible, these features will not work. 

For the  Load CSS Asynchronously to work, you would need to provide your own CSS in the Fallback field.

If you want to allow specific access to our server for these features, you can find the current IP addresses here.

In an additional note, the  Load CSS Asynchronously and Remove Unused CSS features will be grayed out on local environments where the WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE constant is set to local. In this case, you will see a message with the following text:

Optimize CSS Delivery features are disabled in local environments. Learn more.

Note: If you see this option grayed out on a production site, make sure this constant is set to production in the wp-config.php file.

Dynamic Exclusions and Inclusions lists

All exclusions and inclusions required for feature compatibility are stored in WP Rocket's cloud. WP Rocket will make a weekly external call to update these lists. You can read more here: Dynamic Exclusions and Inclusions

Other external API calls

Although unlikely to be used in these scenarios, other features of WP Rocket which make external calls are: 

  • Cloudflare add-on
  • Sucuri add-on
  • RocketCDN
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