How to cancel RocketCDN subscription?

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Deactivate temporary to troubleshoot RocketCDN

If you notice something wrong with RocketCDN and need to troubleshoot or reach support for help, just untick the Enable Content Delivery Network option from the CDN tab, and hit the Save Changes button:

This will allow you to deactivate RocketCDN on the frontend of your site and reactivate it when the issue will be fixed.

Note: In that case, your RocketCDN subscription will still be active and the payments for this subscription will continue.

I want to cancel my RocketCDN subscription

Please consider that:
• The subscription will be cancelled immediately and not at the end of the current month or year
• If you cancel after the billing month has already started, you will be charged for the full month
• Our support team won’t be able to reactivate it or to help you with this subscription anymore
• You'll have to re-subscribe to RocketCDN, if you want to use it again

If you’re OK with these conditions and  you want to stop your RocketCDN subscription, first be sure to deactivate RocketCDN on the site, then log in to your WP Rocket account and then follow these steps:

  1. Click on Billing in the left sidebar menu
  2. Select the RocketCDN Billing tab at the top right of the screen. You will see your RocketCDN subscriptions
  3. At the end of each line, you’ll see a Cancel button : Click on this button to immediately cancel the subscription.
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