Elementor or other page builder does not load

Page builder plugins like Elementor, Divi, Avada's Fusion Builder or others can be quite resource-intensive. You may find that after activating WP Rocket, your page builder stops loading when you go to edit a page. This is usually not a direct conflict with WP Rocket, but is due to a lack of resources for your site.

Symptoms of the problem

  • When editing a page, the Elementor (or page builder) editor doesn't finish loading
  • In your browser's developer tools you may see a 500 error on the admin-ajax request from Elementor: 

Check for memory errors


Increase the amount of PHP memory for your site, which you can do by following this guide:

Keep increasing the memory limit gradually until the problem is resolved.
Please also see Elementor's own documentation for this issue.

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