My site is broken

Sometimes when you start tinkering with WP Rocket’s settings, you may notice missing images or other display issues on your site. Don't worry, these problems are not permanent!

Did you know? Most display issues are related to one of WP Rocket’s optimization settings, such as Minify CSS/JavaScript files, or LazyLoad.
Deactivating WP Rocket completely is usually not necessary.

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Confirm that WP Rocket is causing the issue

A quick way to check if file optimizations are causing the issue is to load the unoptimized page, by adding the query string ?nowprocket to any URL. For example:  

If the problem is still there, it means that file optimizations are not the cause.
If the problem resolves when bypassing WP Rocket, proceed with the next steps.

Basic troubleshooting

The goal here is to identify which specific option is causing the problem. If you have multiple display issues, you should perform this check for each issue. It’s important to deal with one problem at a time.

First disable ALL additional settings in WP Rocket:
  • All options on the File Optimization tab
  • LazyLoad on the Media tab. 
Then test your site again. It's best to open your site in a private/incognito browser window where you’re not logged in as a WordPress user.
If the problem resolves, you can turn the options back on one by one, from the top to the bottom of the page, testing again each time to determine which option has caused the problem.

Mobile-specific issues
When mobile caching is enabled, all file optimizations and other settings will be applied there. Keep mobile caching enabled while running through the basic troubleshooting steps above.
If file optimizations aren’t related, check if your site requires the separate mobile cache option

Find a solution

Once you know the problematic option, you can either:

Minify CSS files

Load CSS Asynchronously

Remove Unused CSS

Minify/Combine JavaScript files

Load JavaScript Deferred

Delay JavaScript Execution


Problem still there?

Above we’ve covered the most common causes of issues. But if none of the above resolves the issue, your next steps are:

  • Disable any other options and add-ons in WP Rocket:
    • Missing image dimensions (Media tab)
    • WebP Compatibility (Add-ons tab)
    • CDN
    • RocketCDN - if you have an issue with RocketCDN, untick the Enable Content Delivery Network option from the CDN tab while troubleshooting. Don’t cancel the subscription until our support has had a chance to debug.
  • Disable WP Rocket completely and check if the issue resolves or not. If the issue is still there when WP Rocket is off, the cause lies somewhere else. Try switching to a default theme, and then disabling other plugins to find the conflict.

Contact support

Still no luck? Send us a support message from our Help Center page.
Please be as specific as possible, include URLs where we can see the issue, and describe what you expected to see, and what you saw instead.

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