My Site Is Broken

Sometimes when you start tinkering with WP Rocket’s settings, you may notice missing images or other display issues on your site. These issues are usually easy to fix.

Did you know? Most display issues are related to one of WP Rocket’s optimisation settings, such as Minify CSS/JavaScript files, or LazyLoad.
Deactivating WP Rocket completely is usually not necessary.

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Basic troubleshooting

First disable ALL settings in WP Rocket, particularly EVERYTHING on the File Optimization tab, and LazyLoad on the Media tab. 
Then test your site again. It's best to open your site in a private/incognito browser window where you’re not logged in as a WordPress user.
If the problem resolves, you can turn the options back on one by one, testing again each time to determine which option has caused the problem.

Fix issues related to Minify CSS/JavaScript files

If the problem is related to File optimization→Minify CSS/JavaScript files, follow the steps in this guide to find any problematic files to exclude: 

Resolving Issues with Minification

Sometimes the solution is to leave an option disabled. This is due to the modular nature of WordPess itself—no plugin can be expected to work with all possible combinations of themes and other plugins. Disabling options for file optimization can lower the performance score for your site, but usually has minimal impact on loading time.

Fix issues related to LazyLoad

If the problem is related to Media→ LazyLoad, you can disable LazyLoad per page as described in this guide: 

Disable LazyLoad on Specific Posts

Issues related to CDN

If the issue is related to missing images, and neither of the above steps works, the problem might be related to your  CDN if you are using one.

Try changing the selection on the CDN tab from All files to CSS & JavaScript.

Contact support

Still no luck? Send us a support message right from your settings page!
Please be as specific as possible, include URLs where we can see the issue, and describe what you expected to see, and what you saw instead.

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