My Site Is Broken

After you activate WP Rocket with all the options, you may think your site is broken if you see missing images or other display issues. These issues are usually easy to fix :)

Note: These types of issues are usually due to one of the additional options in WP Rocket such as minification or LazyLoad.

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Basic Troubleshooting

First disable ALL the additional options in WP Rocket such as minification and LazyLoad. 
Then clear the cache and test the site again. It's best to test the site in a private/incognito browser window.
If the problem resolves then you can turn the options back on one-by-one, clearing the cache and testing again each time to determine which option is causing the problem.

Fix Issues With Minification and LazyLoad

If the problem is related to  minification, you can follow these steps to find the problematic file to exclude: 
Resolving Issues with Minification

Sometimes the solution is to leave either CSS or JS minification turned off - it has minimal impact on loading time. 

If the problem is related to  LazyLoad, you can disable it per page with the following snippet: 
Disable LazyLoad on Specific Posts

As of v2.5 you will be able to disable LazyLoad on specific posts/pages with a checkbox on the edit screen, instead of the code snippet. 

Issues Related To CDN

If the issue is related to missing images and neither of the above options works, the problem might be related to your CDN if you are using one. 

You can test by changing the CDN option from "All Files" to "CSS & JavaScript". 

If that resolves the issue your problem could be related to one of the following: