Resolving issues with preloading (Deprecated)

⛔️ Deprecated: As of WP Rocket 3.2 preloading does not use the bot.
Read about the  updated preloading feature here.

Preloading the cache can cause load issues on slower servers. If you find your server suffering CPU spikes, or if you see a blank page randomly after having updated content, changing your preload settings will likely solve those issues.

Preload not working at all? Follow the steps in this tutorial:
Preload cache is not working

Disable preload bot

Sometimes the preload bot can cause a spike in CPU usage or server load, especially if your homepage displays a great number of links that the preload bot then will attempt to visit.

You can turn off both of the bot directly in the Preload settings tab:

Heads up, developers! You can disable the preload bot programmatically like this:

add_filter( 'do_run_rocket_bot', '__return_false' );
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