Cache folder is getting too big

If your cache folder is becoming too large and taking up too much disk space, the first step is to identify which specific folder is getting too big:


This indicates an issue with the minify/combine of either CSS or JS. By looking at the specific files within the min folder, and whether there are more JS or CSS files, that will reveal which specific option is the issue.

A common issue is with the Combine JS option. We optimize inline JavaScript by default and if your site contains dynamic JS, that is code which varies slightly from page to page, this will trigger a lot of files to be created. 

The solution is either to  exclude the problematic, dynamic Inline JS, or turn off the Combine JS option.

Read this guide to identify which specific Inline JS is causing the problem

If your site uses  HTTP/2 combining files is not necessarily recommended.

Note that if the folder already has an excessive number of files in it, you may have to manually remove them via FTP. After doing that and disabling Combine JS, the problem should resolve. 

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