Clear WP Rocket cache

WP Rocket automatically clears the cache in most common scenarios. However, there are a few ways to do to clear the cache if you need to do it manually.

Clear cache on whole site

Go to Settings → WP Rocket → Dashboard tab and press the Clear and preload cache button.

Clear and preload cache button

Another way is via the WordPress tool bar (or admin bar). Roll over the  WP Rocket menu link, and you will see a dropdown menu. Click on the Clear and preload cache link.

Clear and preload cache menuClear cache on specific post/page

There are two ways of clearing cache on specific posts/pages.

Visit the Pages or Posts section in WordPress, and roll over a page or post table row to see a Clear this cache action  link.

Another way to do this is in on the post or page Edit screen. In the Editor panel, the Clear cache button can be found in the Publish meta box.

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