Switching your license

There may be cases where you need to associate your website(s) with another WP Rocket license. For example, if you've created your own WP Rocket account after finishing a relationship with your developer, designer, or an agency.

To switch the license on your site please follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > WP Rocket > Tools
  2. Export your current WP Rocket settings
  3. Download your new WP Rocket ZIP file from your WP Rocket Account Page
  4. Deactivate and delete WP Rocket from your site
  5. Install and activate the new WP Rocket ZIP file
  6. Import your settings on the Tools tab

Make sure your site is already using WP Rocket version 3.x in order to use the Export/Import settings. Older versions used a different export file format, which is not compatible with the newer versions.

After following these steps, your website will be preserving the same settings, will be linked to your new WP Rocket license, and it should appear under your WP Rocket Account page in the Sites section.

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