Semrush, Rank Math SEO report unminified files

Automated testing tools like Semrush, Rank Math and others, can sometimes give "false positive” results, meaning that they report an “error” that really isn’t one.

False positives from these tools do not hurt your SEO, Google ranking or Core Web Vitals. You can safely dismiss such warnings.

If your tool reports an error with unminified files, it's best to check the source code of your site firsthand to see if the results are accurate or not.

If you are seeing a warning like that, check the following: 

If those checks pass, then move on to these. 

Check the specific file URL(s) referred to in the report

Does it have .min in the filename?

That means its already minified by its developer and won’t be minified further by WP Rocket. 

Note: files with .min in their filenames that also contain any @font-face rule will be optimized. WP Rocket will minify the CSS rules and will apply the font-display: swap; descriptor to the fonts.

The algorithm used by tools like Semrush may be more aggressive and expect comments and licensing data to be removed, which our library won’t do. These tools don't take into account that in most cases this data needs to stay intact for the original scripts to work.

But the amount of data saved by this is so negligible that it will not impact the performance of your site, and you can ignore this warning. 

Is it referring to the minified file(s) created by WP Rocket?

 You can identify this by the filepath, which will contain: cache/min .

These files have already been minified by WP Rocket. 

As noted above, there could be minor differences between the level of minification done by our library, and that of the one the tool is using, so it won’t impact your site performance and should be ignored.

The file does not contain .min

Files may be excluded from minification for other reasons:

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