How can I change or update the payment method for auto-renewal?

At the moment you can't change the payment method on your account page. 

Expired cards

Stripe, our payment processor, takes care of updating expiring cards, and also attempts to update saved card details when your physical card is replaced. If you are using PayPal, you can directly update it on your Paypal account.

Manual method

The new billing details can only be saved when making a new payment. If you don't wish to renew or upgrade now, the best thing to do is to disable the auto-renewal, and renew manually later using the new payment method.

To cancel the auto-renewal and stop the upcoming payments you can access the Billing section of your WP Rocket account and click on the Disable Auto-Renewal button, as shown below:

After this, you can renew the license with the renewal discount at your convenience, before the license expires, and keep the same discount as with the automatic renewal.

You will then receive a reminder a few days before the license expires, and you can manually renew then.

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