Loading time didn't improve/I didn't notice any difference

WP Rocket's effects are instant but if you've enabled WP Rocket and you can't notice any difference we suggest following our guide below.

1. Get results with WP Rocket

  1. Run a test on https://tools.pingdom.com/ making sure you select the nearest possible location to your server
  2. Run a couple of more tests until you get an average result

    test with WP Rocket

2. Get results bypassing WP Rocket

  1. Run a test on https://tools.pingdom.com/, using the same location adding "?nowprocket" in the end of the URL to bypass WP Rocket's effects
  2. Do this a couple of times and get an average result

    test bypassing WP Rocket

3. Compare the two average results!

Focus on the  Load time and see if it improved as expected. You can also check the Page size and the Requests.

Still not seeing a good difference?
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