Divi Theme

Blog Module + JS Minification

NOTE: As of WP Rocket 2.9, there is automatic compatibility with the Divi blog module. Only use this fix if you're running a previous version.

If you use the Divi Blog Module and find that it disappears when JS Minification is active, please use the Advanced Options to exclude the following file from JS Minification: 


Divi Theme - JS Minification

Slider Module + LazyLoad

If you use Divi Theme Slider Module, it can cause image disposition from the original location when LazyLoad is turned on.

At this moment, the only maintainable solution would be to  turn off LazyLoad for that specific page. Since Divi Theme doesn't use filters to call slider module elements, we can not hook into it in order to insert data-no-lazy="1" attribute to img HTML tag. 

Although not recommended, you can manually fix this by editing line 3258 of includes/builder/main-modules.php file.

? sprintf( '<div class="et_pb_slide_image"><img src="%1$s" alt="%2$s"  data-no-lazy="1"/></div>',

Have in mind this is not recommended way since you will lose the change after the next theme update.

Missing Font Icons on IE 11

In some rare cases, you might not see icons on your site while browsing with IE11. You can resolve it by creating the following MU Plugin (you can check more  details about MU Plugins here) - Remove ETag from htaccess and add it in wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder.

Theme developers update their code sometimes and it may affect which files need to be excluded. If these solutions don't work for you,  let us know!