How often is the cache updated?

The whole cache will be cleared according to the setting defined by the Clear Cache Lifespan, found in the Basic Options.

Additionally, relevant parts of the cache are automatically refreshed at every update of your content (add/edit/delete of an article, publication of a comment, etc..).

Here is the full list of other actions that trigger  full cache deletion:

  • changing themes
  • creating/updating/deleting users (if you run a busy e-commerce site with a lot of orders, those orders could be creating new users and therefore causing frequent cache deletion)
  • updating navigational menus
  • updating theme options
  • creating/updating/deleting sidebar widgets
  • creating/updating/deleting categoriestags, or permalink structures
  • creating/updating/deleting terms
  • creating/updating/deleting links (the post type “Link” that was removed from WorPress core in version 3.5, but may still be used via a plugin)
  • when any options are saved in the Customizer
  • when the Avada theme clears its own cache

Actions that will trigger  partial cache deletion:

  • creating/updating/deleting posts or pages
  • creating/updating/deleting comments on a post

If you want to stop one of these actions to clear the cache, check " Disable All Automatic Cache Clearing" article.

In the basic options, you can also specify a period of automatic cleaning of the cache.