Which translation plugins is WP Rocket compatible with?

Automatic compatibilities

WP Rocket has automatic compatibility with the following multilingual/translation plugins: 

  • WPML
  • qTranslate
  • Polylang

This means WP Rocket will automatically detect these plugins so that you have the ability to empty/preload the cache for a specific language or for all languages at the same time.

Polylang browser language detection

When using Polylang's browser language detection feature, note that the first visit for each user will be uncached so that the language can be accurately detected. Once the cookie that stores their language, pll_language, has been set in the visitor's browser, caching will be activated.

Other compatible multilingual plugins

WP Rocket has not developed specific compatibility in our code with the following, but they are known to work correctly with WP Rocket:

  • Weglot
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