Site doesn’t load in Facebook Android app’s browser

Facebook’s Android app doesn’t work with LazyLoad. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient solution to disable LazyLoad specifically for the Facebook app browser. So if your content get shared on Facebook a lot, you should consider deactivating LazyLoad.

Note: Disabling LazyLoad for a specific user agent is possible in theory, but in practice user agent detection would not work anymore once a page got cached. 
That means, when a page gets cached while LazyLoad would not be applied, because the visiting browser would be Facebook’s app, all future visitors would see the same page without LazyLoad as well–no matter which browser they use.
And vice versa: If the caching happened during the visit from another browser than Facebook’s where LazyLoad did get applied, the cached page would be served with LazyLoad to visitors from Facebook’s app as well later on.

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