Disable CDN for Pages with SSL

⛔️ Deprecated: This document only applies to WP Rocket prior to 3.0.
As of WP Rocket version 3.0, the setting  CDN without SSL described here is no longer available. Please install this helper plugin if your CDN doesn't have HTTPS: Disable CDN URLs on HTTPS pages

Using a CDN for pages served over SSL can cause issues if your CDN does not fully support HTTPS. This would usually result in a “mixed content warning”, because your website uses HTTPS, but the CDN would still be using HTTP.

The best option here would always be to get full SSL support from your CDN provider. If that is not an option for you at this point, you can disable your CDN on pages with SSL in your WP Rocket settings

Go to WP Rocket → CDN and check the box “CDN without SSL”:

Further reading on mixed content: How to fix a website with blocked mixed content
Heads up, developers! You can programmatically disable the use of any CDN set up via WP Rocket when needed by defining the DONOTCDN constant:

define( 'DONOTCDN', true );
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