Reducing the Number of Minified Files

WP Rocket can combine minified files into one file per file type (CSS or JavaScript). It can also combine multiple requests for Google web fonts into one single request.

These settings can help with your performance grade and reduce the number of HTTP requests on your website; however, depending on your server, theme, and plugins, they could also slow your site down, or cause broken functionality.

Heads up: Combining files is not a “set and forget” feature!
You should test these settings thoroughly before use. Be aware that changes made to your plugins or theme can change how this feature interacts with the rest of your site. If you notice issues, resolve them first, or deactivate the option again.

Also: Please make sure that you don't have any pre-existing JavaScript errors, this can lead to more serious errors. You should check your browser's console and fix any JavaScript errors before activating JavaScript optimizations.

Use Combine CSS files and/or Combine JavaScript files when:

  • they factually speed up your site in terms of load time;
  • no functionality or layout gets broken;
  • your site runs on HTTP/1.

DON’T use Combine CSS files and/or Combine JavaScript files when:

  • you see JavaScript errors in the console panel of your browser’s development tools;
  • you see broken layout or functionality;
  • your site runs on HTTP/2.

In order to activate the feature, go to the File Optimization tab and check any of the Combine files settings under CSS files, or JavaScript files. You will have to confirm your selection with an extra click on the button that appears under the settings label:

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