The link you followed has expired

Are you seeing this message when performing an action in the admin area of your site?

If so, the message is coming from WordPress itself - WP Rocket doesn't cache anything in the admin area.

In that case, we recommend the following tests:

  • Clear your browser cookies.
  • Try logging in again with a private / incognito window, or a different browser altogether, to see if the problem is gone then.
  • Check for any server-side caching, such as Memcached, Redis, etc., which could affect the backend.
  • If your site is running on Cloudflare and you are using the Cache Everything feature, or any other cache layer, make sure you've added a page rule to exclude wp-admin.

Are you seeing this message when User Cache is enabled and are using the WordPress admin toolbar on the front end of your site?

Many of the links in the WordPress admin toolbar, like the logout link, clear cache link etc, contain nonces. If the nonce is cached and expires, you will see this error message when you click one of those links.

The solution is to clear the cache or set the Cache Lifespan value to less than 10 hours. 

If you have not activated User Cache in WP Rocket, but are seeing this error message from the front end, it's likely related to another layer of cache on your site.

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