Reduce Unused CSS recommendation is still present on PageSpeed Insight

⛔️ Deprecated: This information applies only to WP Rocket version 3.9.

If the Reduce Unused CSS recommendation is still present on the PageSpeed report, please check if the generation was successful.

In some cases our tool can not remove all unused CSS, so the recommendation is still present but less critical.

There are two possibilities for this to happen:

  1. Remove Unused CSS uses a safe approach, meaning we tend to keep much more CSS rules in order to make sure that your website is still 100% styled and there are no broken styles.

    This means that we keep all CSS rules from media queries that will be reported by PageSpeed Insight that can be safely removed. 
  2. For classes and styles that are being added or manipulated using JavaScript functionality, Remove Unused CSS is working on the safe side also. Meaning that all tag ids, classes, or tags identified in the JS code, are all kept as we are not aware when JS will modify the content of the page.

In these cases, "Reduce unused CSS" might not move to the "Passed audits" section. However, you will notice that the "Estimated Savings" value will be improved. 

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