WP CLI interface for WP Rocket

What is the WP Rocket CLI?

It’s an extension for the WP-CLI, that allows you to:

  • Handle common WP Rocket functions, e.g. cache clearing, preloading, etc, using the command line.
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks by using WP-CLI-driven scripts.


  • SSH access to your server - ask your host about this.
  • WP-CLI - to install WP-CLI follow the instructions on the official page:
  • Basic knowledge of using the terminal.

WP Rocket CLI Installation

WP-CLI v0.23.0 or later

In the command line enter the following:

wp package install wp-media/wp-rocket-cli:trunk

If all goes well, you’ll see:

WP-CLI prior to v0.23.0 - Manual installation

  1. Download the package from here:
  2. Upload the file to your server.
  3. Using the command line, navigate to the folder you uploaded the file in step 1.
  4. Run the following command:
    wp package install wp-rocket-cli-trunk.zip

Available commands

To see the list of available commands type:

wp rocket

The following will be echoed:

To learn more about the usage of a specific command and the available flags, e.g. clean, type:

wp help rocket clean

wp rocket activate-cache --htaccess=<true|false>
Sets the WP_CACHE constant to true and clear WP Rocket’s cache. To update the htaccess on Apache/LiteSpeed, use the optional --htaccess flag.
wp rocket deactivate-cache --htaccess=<true|false>
Sets the WP_CACHE constant to false and clear WP Rocket’s cache. To update the htaccess on Apache/LiteSpeed, use the optional --htaccess flag.
wp rocket clean --post_id=<post_id> --permalink=<permalink> --lang=<lang> --blog_id=<blog_id>
Purge the cache of:
  • A specific post: --post_id=<post_id>
  • A permalink: --permalink=<permalink>
  • A specific language in a multilanguage set up: --lang=<lang>
  • A subsite of a multisite network: --blog_id=<blog_id>
wp rocket clean --confirm
Purge the whole cache without prompting for confirmation (useful for automation tools/scripts).
wp rocket preload
Preload cache files.
wp rocket regenerate --file=<file>
Regenerate the .htaccess, advanced-cache.php, or WP Rocket’s config file (/wp-content/wp-rocket-config/ folder)
wp rocket regenerate --file=config --nginx=true
Regenerate the config file on Nginx hosts.
wp rocket cdn --enable=<enable> --host=<host> --zone=<zone>
Enable / Disable the CDN with the specified host and zone.
wp rocket export
Export WP Rocket’s settings.
wp rocket import [--file=<file>]
Import WP Rocket’s settings.

Usage examples

Using your terminal navigate in the root folder of your WordPress installation, and type the command that corresponds to the action you’d like to be performed.

Clear the whole cache

wp rocket clean

At the prompt, type y to confirm cache clearing.

If you want to clear the cache without confirmation, append the --confirm flag.

wp rocket clean --confirm

Export WP Rocket settings

wp rocket export

Import WP Rocket settings

wp rocket import --file=wp-rocket-settings-2021-03-15-604ed873558a0.json

Alternatively, the settings file can be imported from a URL:

wp rocket import --file=https://example.com/wp-rocket-settings.json

Info & code

You can find the code for the WP Rocket CLI in our GitHub repository:



WP-CLI ran out of memory

If you come across memory issues during installation you can either change the memory_limit in the php.ini or do the change "on the fly":

php -d memory_limit=512M "$(which wp)" package install wp-media/wp-rocket-cli

Reference: https://make.wordpress.org/cli/handbook/guides/common-issues/#php-fatal-error-allowed-memory-size-of-999999-bytes-exhausted-tried-to-allocate-99-bytes

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